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Our classes are an extension of, or simply fill in, those missing pieces from old school Home EC.  Lessons teach sewing skills for the Never Barely Ever to Advance Beginner Sewers, laying a solid foundation of knowledge and practice in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. Jedi Sewers In Training gain proficiency in the basics, developing confidence they can be successful with each new sewing project they take on.

Our Classes

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Just the Basics | Intro to Sewing 101

Do you know how much you need to know to successfully complete your sewing projects which has nothing to do with your sewing machine? In this Intro class, you’ll learn all that stuff so you can leap confidently into your newbie sewing projects! SewEz2Sew equipment will be available at class so students DO NOT need to bring their own sewing machine. For ages: Adults & Teens 16+.


Never Barely Ever | Beginner I

If you wish you knew how to take on projects with that old dusty or sparkly new sewing machine of yours, this is the class for you! If you’ve never threaded the machine or even unwound the power cord, graduates of this class head home with confidence & know-how! Students should bring their own sewing machines to this class. For ages: Adults & Teens 16+.


Beg. Hand Sewing for Kids

Jedi-Younglings start off learning sewing safety first, then terms and tools, threading and knotting. Creating bird’s nests is inevitable so we always take the time to work through fixing problems so you’ll feel confident getting out of jams back at home. Spacing, planning and contruction are covered with your practice project. Everything is hands-on so you’ll be busy the entire class! For ages: mature 6 – 8 yo.


Beg. Machine Sewing for Tweens

Pre Padawins (Tween-Jedi’s-In-Training) learn how to run a sewing machine through it’s paces! Getting stuck is inevitable even for advanced sewer’s so we’re going boost your confidence by teaching you what to do to get out of jam. When you dive into your own hands-on practice project, you’re going to be amazed what you can do with just a few stitches! For ages: 8 – 11 yo.



Stuff You’ll Learn

  • Basic sewing terms & tools
  • Machine basics
  • Thread | Bobbin winding, threading
  • Tension adjustments
  • Creating and Fixing problems
  • Sewing machine needle – replacing | sizes | types
  • Common stitches
  • Throat plate stitching guides

  • Seams – types | straight | curves
  • Seam finishings
  • Seam ripping
  • Fabric basics – woven v stretch, selvages, cutting on the fold, cross/lengthwise stretch and grain, fabric prep
  • Working with woven fabrics
  • Reading fabric bolt sticker
  • Reading a pattern
  • How to layout pattern on fabric

  • Stitching seams – stop | start | lengths | seam allowance
  • Stabilizing | Interfacing
  • Assembling garment or project
  • Measure yourself for pattern sizing
  • Different presser feet
  • Creating button holes
  • Installing Zipper
  • Basic clothing repairs

  • Drawstrings
  • Working with elastic
  • Working with hoop/loop fastener
  • Working with snaps
  • Techniques for working with slippery, bulky, ‘sticky’, stretchy fabrics
  • Uses for fabric scraps
  • And more

Why Choose Us

Small Groups & Flexible Skill Building

Beginner students enjoy small class sizes of 4 – 6 students so everyone has an opportunity for 1 on 1 coaching. As opposed to teaching to a single project, we’ll concentrate on building skills applicable to all future projects. You’ll learn not only how to do something but also how to get yourself out of a jam when, inevitably, things don’t always go according to plan. Class lesson plans are flexible allowing students to influence the pace with which the group moves through skill building assignments.

Expert Instructors

Meet Our Team

Jaqui Shaffer

Jaqui Shaffer

Jedi Sewing Coach

A hobby since elementary school, it’s wonderful to meet people enthusiastic about sewing. It’s so rewarding to help others become confident in new skills, then watch them step into one creative and challenging project after another. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a good beginning. And I strive to make sure all my students have just that.



Substitute Jedi Sewing Coach

On the very off chance your primary Jedi Sewing Coach gets sick, a substitute Jedi Master Sewer will coach your class that week.