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sew Ez2 sew jedi sewing coach

My sewing curiosity was piqued by the handmade clothing my Mom & Gram designed for us girls. Lots of hand sewing projects in my youth, including a fourth grader’s oddly shaped full length skirt. Sneaking Mom’s pins & needles one night, I lost one in the carpet where I worked quietly on the floor in my room concentrating on my latest creation. As you can guess, a late night trip to the bathroom was cut short when impaled by said needle. Entirely disappearing through the pad of my foot and into my toe, only the red thread dangled out.

Needless to say, I had my first experience with an emergency room that night. Coincidentally, my Aunt Ellie, an ER nurse, happened to be working which made it a little less scary while they gently and patiently worked to get the damn thing out. It was quite fortuitous of me to have left that thread in the needle. And I caught a break in that the thing didn’t crack in two inside my foot. Shortly thereafter, the machine became my friend.

Fast forward through home ec and high school fashion design, as an adult I continued sewing for myself and others. Many a night and weekend, shortly before my son was born, you’d have found me holed up with a brand new toy. I had hit up Santa for many a year and FINALLY had my very own shiny, fresh from the factory and just a hint of new car smell … my very own Bernina Serger.

The next four years were a blast creating about 80% of my son’s wardrobe, bedding, blankets, curtains, changing table covers, you name it. He was long and lean making it pretty challenging to find shirts that’d hang below his belly button or pant hems to fall over his ankles — Mumma’s got ya’ covered baby! A few years later, I started teaching adult sewing classes with Minnesota/Hancock Fabric, community ed and then youth classes in my home. I really love the energy students bring as they master new skills and have something they’re proud to show off for all their hard work. It’s fun & rewarding for BOTH of us.

So I hope you’ll grab a couple friends and come join in! See you soon 🙂