Sewing Studio Policies and Procedures


A copy of Sew Ez2 Sew class policies and procedures, including release waivers, will need to be signed by each student before the lesson starts on the first day of class to indicate their understanding and agreement of our policies and expectations.

Cancellations and Refunds
Your registration may be cancelled with a full refund prior to 10 days before class start date. No refunds will be issued within 10 days of class start date. However, if another person from our waitlist is able to register to fill your spot, a refund will be issued to you, less a $5 processing fee, within the first week after the first day of that class session.

Please be prompt for your lesson. Your machine will need to be setup every class before the lesson starts. We will want to take care of that quickly so the actual teaching & practice is not delayed.

Please keep all cellphones turned off and away from the class area. If you need to be available to receive calls for emergencies during the 1.5 hrs. you are in class (ie; kids at home, etc.), please put phone on vibrate. If you must take a call, please exit the studio to ensure your privacy and to minimize disruption to the class. Thank you very much!

Please do not bring food, beverages or snacks of any kind to your sewing lesson. Water will be provided.

Please DO NOT come to class if you are sick, coughing, congested, sneezing, sinus nasal issues, etc. etc. or otherwise contagious due to any illness. If the following week after class you become sick, please inform instructor asap so that information can be conveyed to the other students who may have been exposed.

Please wash hands prior to the start of the lesson. A bathroom is conveniently located in the studio space.

No-Smoking Policy
Our studio is a smoke-free environment. This includes the entire home, garage, driveway and yard.

Winter Weather Advisories
If Midland is experiencing severe weather where it is not safe to drive to class, class will be canceled. I will make an announcement on Facebook and try to contact each student directly. Students should feel free to contact me to confirm. I will make every effort to reschedule with input of all class members so that we can reconvene as a group at a later date & time.



We enjoy sharing pictures and accomplishments of our Sew Ez2 Sew students!

By agreeing with Sew Ez2 Sew policies, you give permission for Sew Ez2 Sew to:
(1) take photographs and video recordings of you as you participate in Sew Ez2 Sew activities; and
(2) use, reuse, modify, publish, and republish those photographs, videos, and any derivative works (“Photos”) in any format or media, including the Internet, for purposes related to Sew Ez2 Sew’s online or community visibility, marketing or promotion. You waive any claims, demands, and liabilities against Sew Ez2 Sew for taking and using these Photos. You understand that you will receive no compensation. You understand that this release is binding upon you, any legal representatives, heirs, and assigns.

When sharing Photos, we may identify students in those Photos. We will use their First Name and City only unless given specific written permission to use their full name, with the exception of Facebook posts. Because we use Facebook and would likely post Photos and tag students, just as with any other Facebook photo, your own personal Facebook account settings will determine what information about you is visible online, including your full name. We will NEVER share your contact information.

OPT OUT – If you have any concerns or you would like to opt out of any portion Sew Ez2 Sew Photo/Video Release Policy, please submit a written or email notification


While the chances for injury or damage occurring during a lesson is low, the student understands that any activity involves some level of risk and that in this class, sharp instruments and a hot iron are tools that will be used in class. Students agree to use care and common sense while attending classes to avoid injury, accidents or damage.


I have read and agree to abide by the Sew Ez2 Sew policies, procedures, expectations and waivers.

I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or hereafter may have against Sew Ez2 Sew, Jacqueline Shaffer, and Valerie Shaffer and agree to hold Sew Ez2 Sew, Jacqueline Shaffer, and Valerie Shaffer harmless.


Waivers will be provided for you to sign at the start of your first class.